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Geospatial Solutions

Stellar is pushing the boundaries of data and analytics to deliver actionable solutions that transform the way our clients utilize geospatial data and applications. Stellar specializes in helping our customers develop geospatial solutions with business-critical capabilities that meet operational needs and provide advanced insights to deliver real-world results.

Organizations are constantly finding new business cases for utilizing location data and analysis to support planning and operations. Geospatial technologies and data are integral to the optimal use of mobile devices, augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analytics (including real-time, predictive, video) and artificial intelligence (AI). Stellar applies geospatial technology and data to power enhanced capabilities that improve planning, operations, customer service, asset management, work automation and that drive informed decision making.

Each organization and its role and responsibilities are unique. With years of experience, Stellar's technology professionals are experts in delivering a wide range of technology solutions. Stellar works with each customer organization to understand and assess its unique needs and challenges, and make informed recommendations for best-in-class geospatial solutions, and to implement them in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Geospatial Services

First, Stellar defines and assesses your organization's needs, including -

Let the magic begin ... you are in good hands with the Stellar Team. We prefer to use Agile development - it lets us develop a modest prototype quickly, show it to you "early and often" and grow it iteratively over time. This regular engagement and review of updated prototypes by you and your team ensures that the solution is honed to optimally meet your business needs.

Esri Business Partner

Stellar is a proud Esri business partner. By delivering a range of Esri-based projects and solutions we have developed considerable in-house expertise in custom development and solution architectures with the Esri suite of geospatial products.

Support, Maintain, Enhance

Your success is our primary focus. Some customers want us to create and transfer. Others want us to remain engaged. We give you whatever works best for you.

Your organization will evolve over time. Stellar can help your organization continue to achieve results from your geospatial investments over the long-term. The majority of our new contracts are with existing customers who engage us to enhance an existing solution, or provide a new one.