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Project Management/ Construction Management

When it comes to delivering on capital programs every organization must overcome the same challenges - control scope to avoid 'scope creep', manage cost to maximize return on investment, manage schedule to satisfy commitments to end-users, and deliver quality in accordance with requirements. Not an easy task to get it all right.

Stellar understands these challenges and provides valued experience to lead or enhance client teams - enabling clients to scale on demand with our portfolio of highly qualified construction professionals.

Connecting resources, procedures, and tools for the planning, monitoring, and controlling of all phases of the capital project lifecycle. That is what Stellar does, scaled to an organizations needs and project demands. Stellar ensures clients of one thing - Stellar gets it done.

With integrated support from our industry leading technology group, whether an organization's needs encompass the entirety of enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) or an additional resource to support a project Stellar is readied to deliver -

Program, Project, and Construction Management (PMCM)
Whether it is a large program of projects, portfolio, or a single project at the center of success is people management. Stellar provides experienced credentialed professional managers with the right expertise to deliver projects for a wide range of scope and scale. Stellar's PMCM team has experience in buildings, commercial real estate, transportation (highway, rail, light rail, subway, BRT), aviation, and industrial project throughout North America on capital programs valued up to $35 billion. Every organizations projects and capital program are important to their mission; Stellar focuses on balancing scope, cost, schedule, and quality in the clients favor.

Program and Project Controls
Second only to people management, is the deluge of data that projects of any scope or scale create. Having data is good, but traditional approaches report history and only explain what happened. Stellar brings data to life and empowers the project delivery team with actionable information to make sound business decisions. Leveraging data to produce forward-looking metrics enables proactive indicators of trends that keep scope, cost, schedule, and quality in check. Stellar is keen that client delivery teams are tasked to complete projects and manage expectations.

Project/Portfolio Planning and CPM Scheduling
Time is money. Managing time through proper planning, and execution, is paramount in the success of most any project. Stellar has certified planning and scheduling professionals that know site logistics, phasing, and trade contractor logic preferences to effectively baseline integrated project master schedules. Comparing contractor periodic schedule updates to the baseline Stellar employs a 14-point assessment that is FAR/DFAR DCMA compliant.

Delay Claim Analysis/Time Impact Analysis (TIA)
When schedules slip contractors point fingers. Stellar works to protect clients from frivolous and inflated claims for delay. There are many methods by which to calculate delay claims and not all are equal, nor is each appropriately applicable to construction projects. Contractors will choose the method that they are best able to defend and presents their claim in their best interest. Stellar is well versed in all of these methods and has successfully defending clients accordingly. More importantly, when Stellar in engaged providing project/portfolio planning and CPM scheduling, changes and agreed schedule modifications are incorporated contemporaneously - as they occur - greatly minimizing the potential for frivolous and inflated claims for delay.

Budget and Cost Management/Control
It is never the money, but it is always the money. Completing projects within budget is a guiding principal of Stellar's project delivery services. Key to this is budget/cost control - having a defined process of checks and balances to minimize/eliminate scope growth, unfunded 'preference' items, entitlement validation/verification, out of scope items, and the myriad of others that chisel away at budgets. Integral to this is effective change and contingency draw down management, the later derived from risked based cost estimating.

Change Management and Claims Mitigation
The most effective way to manage changes and claims is not to have any in the first place. The reality is however that on most any project changes will occur. With a focus on practical and efficient, Stellar understands that the client's best interest is paramount, and project success is essential. Any change in cost or schedule could jeopardize these objectives. Knowledge of scope and the contract documents including the contract terms and conditions are just the start. Stellar drills down into the line item breakdown and buildup of the proposed costs, but only after a determination of entitlement. Stellar meets each challenge/claim presented with vigor - performing a realistic and objective assessment, contemporaneously, to capture impacts real-time.

Document Controls and Records Management
Mapping and managing workflows, distribution, ball-in-court, and tracking to completion - every piece of correspondence, submittal, material data sheet, letter, and as-built drawings. Knowing where it is located in the system, where it is in the process, and what action to take and by whom, due dates, and the distribution are but a few of the elements to track and report. The RACI matrix provides assignment of the right person to each step and keeps the right persons informed. Stellar actively engages in the process and utilizes technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness, reduce turn-around times, and approvals/control hold points.

Earned Value Management and Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS)
Stellar does not rely on historical recordkeeping and reporting to manage success. Projects large and small all need to manage success and expectations. Though recorded project data has an importance EVM/EVMS and the forward-looking trending metrics of FAR/DFAR compliant tools (ANSI 748c) enable project teams to make sound business decisions based on good information - proactive not reactive management. You cannot manage what you do not know, and EVM/EVMS helps keep clients in the know. Stellar implements scalable application of these metrics that serve the project team's data/information needs.

Delivery Assurance and Compliance/Requirements Monitoring
Stakeholders and budgets pressure organizations to find cost and schedule improvements. Enter Design-Build (D-B), Public-Private-Partnerships (P3), and alternate delivery methods to shift some cost and schedule risk, and shorten the total project time. Moving the design from the traditional design-bid-build to requirements based contracting introduces new risks for the organization. Stellar reduces the risk associated with D-B, P3 and alternate delivery projects by capturing all the project requirements, design deliverables, submittals, review cycles, inspections, and hold points into a workflow driven dashboard. Clients maintain a level of control knowing that tracking occurs on each item and compliance verified. The build team has a level of assurance they will avoid extraneous requirements and all the deliverables have visibility within the clients review team.

Risk Management, including Monte Carlos and advanced Latin Hypercube Simulations Mitigating threats and exploiting opportunities. Make the bad things small and the good things big, but accomplishing this is impossible unless the project team identifies the risks and has a plan to manage them. Stellar takes risk seriously from the initial identification and classification to implementation of mitigations strategies and action plans. This is not a mechanical process, no 'check the box' here. Scaled to match organization and project needs Stellar implements techniques to properly size contingencies based on real numbers not guesswork. For large complex projects, Stellar facilitates risk identification workshops (including FTA compliance) and develops risk models for Monte Carlos and advanced Latin Hypercube Simulations. Most importantly, Stellar addresses cost and schedule variance to normalize the underlying data and remove hidden/seconded contingency that artificially inflates project cost and duration.